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Converter of Units Relevant to Scuba Diving

Imperial units rule the waves? Not quite, as practical metrical units can be found all over the world.

Confusion quickly abounds: diving depths in metres instead of feet, tank pressure in bar instead of psi. Don't worry - these pages help you to quickly convert between metric and imperial measurements.


With this Online-Pressure-Converter you can quickly convert bar into psi and vice versa. In addition to this, a conversion table helps you to convert bar, pounds per square inch (PSI), atmospheres (physical & technical ATMs), water pressure in meters and feet as well as kilopascal.

Linear Measure

With the help of the Online-Linear-Measure-Converter you can convert:

  • Centimeter into inches / inches into centimeters
  • Meters into feet / feet into meters
  • Meters into feet & inches / inches & feet into feters
  • Kilometers into miles / miles into kilometers
  • Kilometers into nautical miles / nautical miles into kilometers
Additionally, there's a conversion table on this page for centimeters, inches, meters, feet, yards, kilometers, miles and nautical miles.


For most conversions a simple multiplication is sufficient. Celsius and Fahrenheit are not as easily converted, however. That's why this page features a conversion table rather than a comparison table in addition to the Online-Temperature-Converter.


With the help of the Online-Weigth-Converter you can convert:

  • Grams into ounces / ounces into grams
  • Kilograms into pounds / pounds into kilograms
  • Kilograms into stones, pounds & ounces / stones, pounds & ounces into kilograms

Additionally, there's a conversion table on this page for grams, ounces, pounds, kilogram and stones.

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