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So your continental dive buddy keeps going on about the pressure in his tank, but it sounds Greek to you?

Help is at hand - quickly convert these quirky metrical bar into good old pounds per square inch.

Bar / PSI

 bar  psi
 psi  bar


  • The results are rounded to the 2nd decimal digit.
  • Convert at your own risk!

   Origin      Target      Faktor
Bar   PSI   14.50377
Bar   Kilopascal (kPa)   100
Bar   Atmospheres (ATM)*   0.986923
Bar   ATM (techn.)   1.019716
Bar   mH2O (4°C)**   10.19716
Bar   ft H2O (4°C)***   33.455256
PSI   Bar   0.06894757
Kilopascal (kPa)   Bar   0.01
ATM (phys.)   Bar   1.01325
ATM (techn.)   Bar   0.980665
mH2O (4C)   Bar   0.0980665
ft H2O (4°C)   Bar   0.02989

* physical, not technical athmospheres
** Meter of water (water column) at 4° Celsius
*** Feet of water (water column) at 4° Celsius

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