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Picture of the Month (starting 11/03)

Since the relaunch of this site in November 2003 I have been presenting a "Picture of the Month" on my homepage. These pictures are not always just straight out of a camera, but sometimes are treated to make them more arty ;-)

Ilsesee near Augsburg, Germany (8/03)

The Ilsesee (Lake Ilse) is one of the most beautiful freshwater dive spots I know. Teeming with life, there is nice underwater plant growth and lots of fish like pikes, perches, carps and tenches to name but a few.
Camera: Minolta Dimage X

Baltic Sea dive tour (5/03)

Last May I went on a dive cruise aboard the Artur Becker to do a spot of wreck diving in the Baltic Sea. The weather could have been better, but the diving was outstanding!
Camera: Minolta Dimage X

Blindsee (6/04)

Photos from our club outing to the Blindsee in Austria. Good weather, good diving, good visibility - great pictures (at least I'm quite satisfied)!
Camera: Canon A70

Newport Aquarium (4/04)

Although these pictures are, in a sense, under water photos, the photographer stayed dry, as obviously he couldn't just dive inside the tanks!
Camera: Canon A70

Blindsee (9/04)

Another club outing to the Blindsee in Austria, another opportunity to take some pictures in this great lake in the alps.
Camera: Canon A70

Fernsteinsee (10/04)

Members of the Taucher.net online community meet up from time. This autumn the destination was the hotel "Schloss Fernstein" in Tyrol, Austria. The first dive of the day took place in the Fernsteinsee (Lake Fernstein).
Camera: Canon A70

Samerangersee (10/04)

The hotel "Schloss Fernstein" in Tyrol, Austria, owns two lakes. The "Samerangesee" (Lake Sameranger), the smaller of the two is rightly called the Pearl of Tyrol. Crystal clear water offers great photo opportunities.
Camera: Canon A70

Ilsesee: Fishes & Plants (10/04)

Under the surface, our local lake, the Ilsesee, is the most beautiful lake I know. An abundance of underwater plants together with its teeming fish life make this a top spot for the scuba photographers.
Kamera: Canon A70

Ilsesee: Divers (10/04)

The underwater beauty of the Ilsesee would go unappreciated, if it wasn't for the divers! This gallery is therefore dedicated to those divers who cherish this lake!
Kamera: Canon A70

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