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Really, it's always the same with link pages in personal homepages. They are started with great enthusiasm and after a while are left to wither and die. And what is the point of dead links? Exactly. I therefore decided to drastically shorten my link list and instead of hundreds of uninteresting links I just give you my Top 5:

Nowodiver's Top 5 Links

1st Place) UK.Rec.Scuba.Org

You probably know this one! The website of the usenet newsgroup ukrecscuba. An excellent newsgroup and a brilliant website. If you're not familiar with this site, go check and out the diving trip reports. Makes me wish I lived in Britain!

2nd Place) The Taucher.net

This is probably the best diving-related website in Germany. Unfortunately this site is in German, too, but if you do speak (or at least read) a bit of German, this site might give you a good overview of the "German diver".

3rd Place) Taucher.net Link Pages

Ok, partly in German - but a lot of the links are international and I think these pages are the most comprehensive list of links about all kinds of diving stuff I know!

4th Place) Scuba Yellow Pages!

A look at their sitemap shows that this really is a huge diving website portal. If you are looking for scuba related information chances are that you'll find them there.

5th Place) TSC Alpha

This is my dive club in Augsburg. It's where I learnt to dive and where I met most of my buddies. During summer we regularly go on trips to great diving lakes in and near the Alps. The site is in German (obviously), but if you are interested in seeing a few pictures of our diving grounds, check out the gallery.

... and, of course: www.topscubasites.com

A very good top scuba list, with many interesting links to great scuba diving websites.
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