About the scuba website this month:

First of all, a big apology to those of you who regularly come to see if there's something new. I have been extremely busy since the beginning of the year and thus had to put this site on the back burner a bit. I'll try and regularly add a couple of articles in the coming months, though.

So, what's new this month?

New Equipment Test I

BCD Mares Vector Platinum
A BCD should be comfortable, reliable and hard-wearing? Does the Vector Platinum pass the test?

New Equipment Test II

Compass Suunto SK7
If you're looking for direction - this might just be what you need!
Picture of the Month

Scuba Tool I

Online Unit Conversion
Imperial units rule the waves? Not quite, as practical metric units can be found all over the world. These pages help you to quickly convert between metric and imperial measurements.

Scuba Tool II

Scuba RSS-Newsfeed
Find out what other diving websites write about. Browse through headlines of selected scuba websites and read interesting articles from around the world.

Equipment Test

Regulator Mares Abyss
I put this one up two months ago and according to my logs this report on the Abyss is the most popular article on my site.

Scuba Diving Glossary

Scuba diving explained!
This month sees the third instalment of my new glossary of scuba diving terms, expressions and abbreviations! You can help by sending in terms you want to see explained!

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Scuba Glossary

A glossary of scuba diving terms, expressions and abbreviations!

Unit Converter

PSI or bar, inches or centimeters - convert them easily with the scuba online conversion tool

Scuba Newsfeed

Get the headlines of interesting scuba articles on other websites