Suunto SK 7

Suunto SK 7 A cheaper option is not always a better option as I had to find out, when my first compass had such a big air bubble inside that the needle got stuck and I led my group (in zero visibility) in circles for about five minutes. Afterwards everyone suffered from vertigo and I decided to invest in a new compass.

My choice was the Suunto SK7, not only because my local store had it in stock, but mostly because I had heard only good things about it from SK7 owners. By now I can affirm this!

The SK7 comes with a strap large enough to fit even very thick (dry-)suits. But since I find it a bit impractical to have the compass on the wrist (and DIR divers can say what they want on that subject ;-) I attached it to a retractor and affixed that to my jacket. Handling of the compass is dead simple, it can easily be calibrated and the display and ring can easily be read even at depth. Even if the diver is a bit lazy in holding the compass it is no big deal: up to a tilt angle of about 30 it works without a hitch.

So far the SK7 worked reliably at any depth without any problems, but a friend of mine had problems after a deeper dive. Somehow the compass took offence at the depth and from then on refused to work at any depth below 18m! Since we didn't really need a PADI OWD compass, he sent it of to Suunto, who replaced it without delay!

A great compass that is well worth its prize and when there are problems, customer service is excellent => Nowodiver best buy recommendation!

copyright Andreas Nowotny 2005

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