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Reports about Diving in Germany and Abroad

(Beware - the reports are full of pictures - kB in brackets indicates the size of the full document
These reports are about my personal experiences and don't claim to be objective)

NEW  Lake Fernstein in Tyrol, Austria  NEW

When I heard that the 10th meeting of the online Taucher.net community would take place at the Hotel "Schloss Fernstein", I immediately booked a place for myself.

NEW  Lake Sameranger in Tyrol, Austria  NEW

Visibility was really outstanding, about one hundred percent better even than at Lake Fernstein. My estimate was that visibility exceeded 30m!

Lake Starnberg

A great lake for scuba diving near Munich and only about an hour's drive from where I live. It offers shallow waters for beginners and a very nice drop-off for the more experienced scuba aficionado!


Another great Bavarian lake! I go there regularly whenever I feel the need for high partial pressures of nitrogen ;-)

Newport Aquarium, Kentucky US

Not a dive report as such, because the reporter didn't actually get wet, but still a very interesting article on the volunteer programme at Newport Aquarium.
Complete Article (164 kb)

My Life as a Diving Widow

Bad weather, cold and rainy - your spouse is getting ready to go diving. What do you as a long suffering non diver do? You sit down and read this article by a fellow diving widow!

This is a guest article by Sarah Nowotny. All rights reserved

Wreck Diving in the Baltic Sea

In 2003 I went on a wreck dive cruise aboard the Artur Becker. This is the report on 4 days of very special tour!
Complete Article(383,62 KB)

Mexico '99 - Akumal

Mexico again - spending most of my time in Akumal under water!
Complete Article(111 kB)

Mexico '98 - Cancun

I spent winter 1998/99 in Mexico. What do you do when you are stuck in Cancun, waiting for your fellow travellers? Exactly - you go diving!
Complete Article (205 kb)


Starting with the lake I spend quite a lot of time in
(87 kb)

Indonesia '97

This is really where it all began: in 1997 with a diving course on Gili Air/Lombok at the Reefseekers base
Complete Article(150 kB)

Hamilton Island - Great Barrier Reef 14.-17.02.02

One of the highlights of a truly fantastic trip to the land down under!
Complete Article(172 kb)

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