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Mexico 1998/99

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In Cancun

When in Cancun water activities are the best way to while away the time! I had one week in Cancun, waiting for my brother, and decided to do just that. Since my diving course back in Germany hadn't really progressed much (2nd pool lesson) my options were:

  • no diving, just snorkeling
  • a resort course
  • giving myself an early Christmas present: an open water course

I chose option 3 - no surprise :-)

Aquaworld Diving School

There are countless diving schools in Cancun, most of them well hidden in the

Excellent reef near Cancun

Excellent reef near Cancun

Hotel Zone at the beach in front of the big hotels. Since I was staying in a smallish hotel in the center of "old" Cancun (i.e. the place where all the Mexicans working in the big hotels live), I didn't know about this and went to Aquaworld which, also in the Hotel Zone, can't be missed. On arrival at Canun airport unsuspecting tourists are given lots of free "magazines" which offer such briliant deals as : "5% off if you eat in restaurant X for $50 and pay with American Express". These magazins always contained advertisments for Aquaworld.

As the name implies it is much more than just a dive store (it is, in fact, the biggest PADI centre in Cancun), but offers all kinds of

My buddy Eero and I glide effortlessly through the reefs of Manchones Big
My buddy Eero and I
activities connected with the sea. It is huge, but my first impression was quite good, even if it appeared to be an extremely commercial outfit, so I enrolled for a OWD course, paid and was given the PADI OWD Manual ("Read the first two modules and come back tomorrow at 9.00"). I returned to my hotel, read the manual and looked foreward to the start of the course.

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