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Mexico 1998/99

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So, what's the downside? In my opinion dives with Aquaworld are ideal for beginners and people who just go diving on holiday. They are well lookes after and will have memorable guided dives. And exactly this is the downside for experienced divers. Since all dives were guided dives, it was impossible to go diving independently. Since the whoile group ascends as soon as one of the divers gets low on air, the overall dive time for up to eight divers is set by the person with the highest air consumption. Back then I didn't mind, since I myself (as a beginner) had quite a large air consumption (though never as much as some) but now I would probably be extremely annoyed if I had to return to the surface with a half-full tank.



+ Price for the dives includes everything apart from the suit rental ($10,- / day)
+ Good briefing
+ Interesting dives
+ Guides know the area very well
+ Comfortable boats (even when the sea is a bit rough)


- As far as I know only guided dives are possible
- Dive time dependent on diver with biggest air consumption
- Biggest dive outfit in Cnacun: can therefore appear a bit impersonal (not, however, durin the trips)

Website: Aquaworld


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