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Converter of Units Relevant to Scuba Diving

Linear Measure

Great article, Nowodiver, but how deep exactly was your deepest dive? Meters mean nothing to me!

Help is at hand - quickly convert these irksome meters into sensible inches, feet and yards.

Centimetre / Inch

 cm  Inches
 Inches  cm

Metre / Feet

 m  ft
 ft  m

Foot & Inch / Metre

 ft   in
 m ft   in

Kilometre / Mile

 km  Naut. Miles
 mile  km

Kilometre / Nautic Mile

 km  Naut. Miles
 NM  km


  • The results are rounded to the 2nd decimal digit.
  • The Conversion of metres into feet and inches (and the other way round) won't give you exact results (in the sense of correct to 1 centimetre)
  • Simultaneous conversion of different units is possible
  • Convert at your own risk!

Conversion table

   Origin      Target      Factor
Centimetre   Inches   0.3937
Centimetre   Feet   0.0328084
Metre   Feet   3.28095
Metre   Yard   1.09361
Kilometre   Mile   0.621371
Kilometre   Naut. Mile   0.539665
Inch   Centimetre   2.54
Feet   Centimetre   30.48
Feet   Metre   0.3048
Yard   Metre   0.9144
Mile   Kilometre   1.60934
Naut. Mile   Kilometre   1.852
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