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What is the difference between an imperial and a metrical pound? 46.41 grams!

Help is at hand - quickly convert these bothersome kilograms into soothing ounces, pounds and stones.

Gram / Ounces

 gr  oz
 oz  gr

Kilogram / Pounds (brit.)

 kg  lb
 lb  kg

Kilogram / Stones, Pounds & Ounces

 kg  st    lb    oz  
 st    lb    oz    kg  


  • The results are rounded to the 2nd decimal digit.
  • Simultaneous conversion of different units is not possible
  • Convert at your own risk!

Conversion table for weight/mass

   Origin      Target      Factor
Gram   Ounces   0.035274
Gram   Pounds (lb)   0.00220462
Kilogram   Ounces   35.27396
Kilogram   Pounds (lb)   2.20462
Kilogram   Stones   0.15747304
Ounces   Gram   28.34952
Ounces   Kilogram   0.0283495
Pound (lb)   Gram   453.59237
Stones   Kilogram   6.35029318
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