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Taucher.net - Meeting VIII
01.-04.05.03 Wreck Diving in the Baltic Sea

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Wednesday 30.04.

Careful with that helium!
Tekkies sind Schleppies

Next morning we were greeted again by blue sky and sunshine, just the right kind of weather for a trip to the island of Ruegen. But work comes before pleasure, if not for us then for our tec-divers who seemed to be of a slightly masochistic disposition. Their gas order, consisting of nineteen 50l steel tanks with a combined weight of two tons, had to be manually lugged aboard and safely secured, since the weather forecast predicted storms. This was hard to believe, considering the fact I was wearing sunglasses that morning, but then what do I know - I'm just a landlubber!
The rest of the divers and the crew looked on in disbelief as the tekkies proceeded to fill the whole deck slowly but purposefully with double tanks, stages, argon bottles, battery packs and other tec paraphernalia. In days to come they were haunted by the quip "Are you gonna dive or do you just lug stuff about" ;-)

The chalk cliffs of Kap Arkona
Die Kreidefelsen von Kap Arkona

When everything was safely stowed, the majority of our group decided to go with Michael to visit the navy museum of Peenemuende, whereas Jessica and I decided to drive to the Isle of Ruegen to be ripped off by the locals. Had we known that for the next few days we'd be mostly in the vicinity of Ruegen, we could have saved ourselves quite a few euros!
And as if to prove that we really are landlubbers with no understanding of sea, the weather turned during the afternoon and it began to rain in heavy showers. Back on board we were given the bad news that the storm warning had been expanded in terms of severity and this time we even believed it!

In the course of the afternoon and early evening the remaining guests arrived, apart from three guys from Cologne who boarded the Artur Becker at midnight.

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