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Few things are more transient than the links in the newsfeed - news today, gone tomorrow.

On this page I'll give the best links from the newsfeed a semi-permanent old news' home. Some things are too good to just be discarded ;-)

UW Animals & Plants

Megamouth shark found dead in Oro
Date: 31.01.2005      Found at: sun + stars e-magazine

13 species at risk in dying Irish seas
Date: 18.01.2005      Found at:: The Sunday Times

Sharks can detect changes in the geomagnetic field
Date: 21.12.2004      Found at:: The Royal Society

New Fishing Gear a Death Trap for Sea Turtles
Date: 21.12.2004      Found at: The Sea Turtle Restoration Project

Expeditions & Reports

Antarctic Peninsula - 2005 ( Pre-Expedition Notes )
Date: 24.11.2004      Found at: Eco-Photo Explorers

Scuba diving and the media

Dive Industry Takes Bite Out of the Movie "Open Water"
Date: 05.01.2005      Found at:

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